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Front row(l-r): Nickette, Hillbilly Hogette, Stonyette, Spiggy, Hog Ed, Porkchop
Back row(l-r): Big Mac, Big George, Mikey T, Howiette, Jovette, Mikette, Edette
Notes From Boss Hog 
Dateline: Fairfax, VA - September 30, 2013 Upcoming Events
The SKINS win their first game of the 2013 season in the Black Hole. On the NFC East front; the Good News is – the Cowboys lost, the Giants lost again, and the Eagles got blasted in Denver. The Bad News is – the Skins get to play all those teams that beat the rest of the East (NFC). In Oakland, down 14-Zip in the first half (here we go again…), the Skins got a gift in a terrible throw by Flynn and got a defensive 45-yard interception TD (I love TD’s scored by the Defense) and rallied for a 24-14 victory. The Offense generated some rhythm and a running game to pull the game out of the fire. The “WIN” had to produce a happy airplane ride back to Virginia. The Defense took advantage of a very poor Raider’s O-line and got a solid push up front, putting pressure on Flynn and getting seven (7) (…that’s right, that is seven) sacks. The tackling still sucked though. The Skins’ running game was solid, and after Alfred went down, Helu stepped in very nicely, utilizing his blocking perfe    cont.