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To cheer up his Grandmother, Michael Torbert borrowed her black and white polka-dot dress, put it on, and surprised her at her retirement home Halloween ('83) Tacky Tea Party. Mike dressed at work before going to his Grandmother's house.The office folks thought he was hysterical. His arrival at the retirement home as "Mikey T." created a lot of laughs from the residents. Mikey T. and his Grandmother became stars of the house. It was a very bright day for Grandma MaMarge. The rest as they say, is history.Boss Hogette
Big Macette
Big Georgette
Hollywood Hillbilly
Hog Ed
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Mikey T. recruited a dozen other wild and crazy family men who'd dress up and go into Children's Hospitals in their outfits to make sick kids smile and laugh; who'd go out in public and encourage people to donate money for the care of sick children; and who'd go into the Pig Pen (RFK) and cheer for the HOGS and the rest of the Redskins.Davette
P. Wee
And so, the Hogettes Team was formed. How each gent became a Hogette is a unique story in itself. The first time out, the Team put on their dresses (old-fashioned cheerleaders), pig snouts, wigs, and white "good-guy" leather hats and ventured to the Philly game (11-27-83) at the Pig Pen. The Hogettes have gone to many Redskins' games since. They have made many friends along the way. Being a part of the Redskins "12th Man" is great.

The Hogettes try to support any group that needs help, especially children. Funny looks and clowning around by these professional men has brought many a smile to a lot of people across the Washington, D.C. community and other NFL cities around the country. All the guys are committed to the team effort and have volunteered many hours to helping benefit sick kids. The Hogettes Team has made life a little brighter for many by their actions.